W1ld : Cats *UPDATE*

Or say you have 19200 pixels on the screen (120×160)


Really? Didn’t know that!
TBH, I think we would have run out of memory by then

I used my own caculator i made in blocks

:+1: That’s what I call “useful”

Just short and useful things to kill time
am i right?

Yessir :slight_smile:


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Yes. I do wish there were more colors. Perhaps a color wheel?

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You can change the colors dynamically (but you can only have 16 colors still) I made a thread once about it. Trying to find it now…

Found it:

I am aware of the ¨colors¨ extension. It does not show in the editor though, right?

Yes, I think that one is Typescript only

Actually, it’s the palette one is Typescript only. The color one has blocks

Sadly :pensive:

****sadly meaning only 16 colors

Definitely. But we can work around it. Your game still looks amazing with 16 colors!

Thank you! : )


Are you going to do another
W1ld : Cats UPDATE 2
or something like that

Im working on making the final project right now. If I need any more help on it, I will probably name the topic what the problem is