Microsoft MakeCode

Wc man v1.2 DX edition

experience the adventure in colour!

journey through some new levels(can only be accessed on the arcade color system)!

original game: Wc man v1.2

happy april fools!


This is great, as always! What I love about your games is that they’re difficult, but they have very forgiving checkpoints.

Great game! One thing I saw was how you used a sprite to handle the auto scrolling sections - that’s really cool! It might be a good place to use the invisible sprite flag to make it so the little black dot for the sprite doesn’t show up on top of walls when it moves over them:


It’s in the same block as ghost.

this is amazing. really well made. thanks for sharing this

This game is amazing! :smile:

I love how the background turns red when you die and then you respawn at a check point.

The only problem is, is that I’m stuck on level 9 :frowning: