WebUSB and Console Not Stable (Metro M0 App)

Hi it seems like I have a complicated question/situation, hopefully someone can help me.
I have uploaded a metro m0 uf2 bootloader to an Arduino zero m0.
I am now trying to use the web USB feature for both the console blocks and the one-click upload function.

I tried it on the maker makecode, i tried selecting both the metro m0 board or the arduino zero m0 board, but both did not allow the webUSB feature, not stable anyways.

Now it seems that when my board is in bootmode a device called “Metro M0” appears in the browser, when I pair to that it does not allow the webUSB fucntion yet.

When it is in the non-bootmode, a device called “Metro M0 App” appears, sometimes.

When “Metro M0 App” does appear and I connect to it, the webUSB feature works. But many times the Metro M0 App does not appear, even when it is in non-Boot mode.

I am just utterly confused because there seems to be no factor that determines whether the Metro M0 App device even appears. It just does sometimes, and then it disappear sometimes. Restarting it, deleting the devices and reloading the browser or something as such is not working either.

Someone please help me…