WebUSB issue

If the USB is unplugged while power is being supplied externally, the flashing continues without completing the WebUSB connection.
In this case, it is necessary to remove the battery once (turn off the power supply from the outside) and connect it.
It did not occur in V4 of MakeCode editor. It seems to be a V5 bug.

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After that, I found the following, so it is a correction part.


Insert and remove the microUSB several times while supplying power from the battery to the micro:bit.
At that time, check the connection status of WebUSB.

micro:bit V1 ○ Download OK no matter how many times you plug and unplug

micro:bit V2.0 △ May blink. It may be recovered by removing and inserting the USB again.

micro:bit V2.21 × If you unplug it once and plug it back in, the icon on the left of the download will repeatedly flash and download will not be possible in many cases. Once it blinks, it will not recover unless the external power supply is turned off.

It seems to have happened with micro:bit V2.0, but it seems to happen especially with the latest version (V2.21).

Basically, plugging and unplugging the USB of the micro:bit is to turn off the power from the outside. Is it by design or is it a bug?

firmware V1(0253) V2.0(0255) V2.21(0257)

The same thing happens with V4 of the MakeCode editor. However, the V4 version doesn’t have a flashing icon mode, so I just didn’t know. Actually, even if the icon has changed, it is no longer possible to download.