💬 Weekly topic™: Music taste of the forum members

Hey everyone! Today I was thinking about starting an offtopic weekly discussion where we talk about random things besides the forum and MakeCode. This week’s topic is:

What kind of music do you like, who’s your favorite performer or artist :musical_note: ?

Feel free to share your answers and discuss music tastes, you could even link a playlist to demonstrate a point. Personally, I love alt metal and rock music, it’s just so powerful! I’m open to listening to any other genres. Except K-POP. I’ll never listen to K-POP :rage:


My music taste is best described by 2 catagories:

  • The old alternative rock my dad loved and showed me which made me love it
  • The most absolutely garbage popular pop music from the 2000’s and 2010’s because who doesn’t love nostalgia?
    My favorite song would be Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes! Its one of my dad’s favorites and my first ‘real’ song I played on my drum set : D

Your style is really similar to mine! I love metal and rock like I said already (Linkin Park is my absolutely favorite) but I have a whole playlist on my Spotify just called “Nostalgia” which is full of '00s to '10s EDM and party songs. I can’t explain it, but it brings some kind of nostalgia in me despite the fact I wasn’t really partying or anything at the time of their debut.


Is video game music a genre?

R&B would be a close second.


Yes, it is! a very nice choice.


I think my Favorite song would be DJVI - Recycles!

I love electronic music!


Finally! Someone who agrees!

Anyway, my music taste is quite varied. It goes into about 4 categories.

  • Bedroom Pop
    • This is mainly just BoyWithUke music; I usually listen to it when I’m feeling down. A few of my favourite BoyWithUke songs are Heart of Ice, Out of Reach, and idtwcbf (friends). Please mind that there is occasional foul language in his songs.
  • VGM (video game music)
    • This is mainly just Zelda music. Yeah, I like Zelda.
  • Soccer music (Electronic Pop)
    • Honestly, the genre is very varied in this category. It’s just a bunch of soccer-related music such as Ramenez la coupe à la maison by Vegedream and Waka Waka by Shakira. I have a playlist on Spotify named “soccer power” to get my brain in the zone for matches.
  • Romantic ballads/Slow songs
    • Makes me feel better about myself :smiling_face_with_tear: Jokes aside, I don’t know, I like the feeling or vibe they give me. Calm, soothing and the sobbing you hear every once in a while. My favourite songs in this category include Dos Oruguitas by Sebastian Yatra, try by Sami Rose (cover of P!nk’s song), Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez, Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars, and Golden Hour by JVKE.

The music I listen to is primarily based on my mood (I mean whose isn’t?) so I wouldn’t rank these categories. All are number 1 :trophy:

I love the idea of a weekly tropic discussion to learn more about the forum users, by the way!

Read my “i don’t like” list at your own discretion! I might hurt your feelings if you are offended easily :cry:

I personally don’t like metal, rock, K-Pop, J-Pop, and anime music. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.


I love classic piano music, so Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement. There’s also a remix that’s an absolute banger made by Meganeko.

(This song might be familiar cause it’s the song Bli used for Change of Scene in GD)

Another one of my fav songs


… Electronic music sounds like background music to me, nice for a game or show or exercise or something, but as a genre? I dont get it 0_0


More retro.

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You’ve obviously never listened to IU… Not all K-Pop is trashy yk >:(


Same, I don’t get it. Of course, I used to listen to it (Alan Walker era) but now it’s kind of outdated for some people’s tastes.


clicks the bottom link on you post

…I dont trust you anymore…


Oooooh yees! Finally, I have a place where I can rant about the awesomeness of my favourite composers’ music!

Ok, my favourite composer is Yoko Shimomura, and she makes some of my favourite songs OF ALL TIME! She composes music for Kingdom Hearts, my favourite game series! (Even better than Kirby: that’s CRAZY coming from me) I’ll only show my top 3.

Here are my favourite songs from Yoko so far:

  1. Darkness of the Unknown: My favourite song to this date, has three phases to the song (last phase is my favourite). This plays during the battles against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 2. It’s AMAZING.
  1. Disappeared: This chilling theme was used the first time Sora encountered Xemnas, in Kingdom Hearts 1. He was an optional boss at the end, commonly known as “The Enigmatic Man”. If you hadn’t noticed, Xemnas is my favourite character! He looks like this:


And here’s the song:

  1. Vanitas battle theme: This theme is just controlled chaos. It’s so, so, so, so, so, SO, SO, SO good. This plays in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, during the Vanitas fights. It’s a fusion of Roxas’ theme, Ventus’ theme and Sora’s theme. Here it is:

Hope you enjoyed!


You made me click it NOOOO XD


Its just how my small brain works.


I love the idea of random weekly topics.
I also like classical music, though some more recent instrumental pieces (I dislike most lyrics) that sound similar are cool. I don’t like too modern of music but I can understand why some people might like it. I don’t listen to music a ton though, sometimes I block out all sound and prefer silence, or use stuff like white noise to drown out the chaos.


Happy birthday, @TheConeGuy!!! :partying_face:


My favorite music genres are Pop and Alternative.
My favorite artists are Imagine Dragons and Surfaces.
My favorite song is probably Sail Away by Surfaces.


Someone in the comments said it best:
“Imagine writing a piece so legendary that people are still making covers of it over 200 years later.”

Really impressive composition, especially for the time Beethoven lived in. Absolute legend