What is Github?

I’ve seen these comments on it and was wondering what is it?

Great question! https://github.com is a web site used by many developers (millions) to store code and work together on projects. It adds a social/management layer on top of a tool called “GIT” which developer use to save and version code.

Our docs: https://arcade.makecode.com/github


For MakeCode users, Github lets you:

  • Periodically save your project(s)
  • View and load old versions of your project
  • See the differences between old and new versions of a project
  • Share your project with others such that they can make changes and you can see them
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Thanks @darzu and @peli

Git is also quite handy for its ability to create “branches”, so you can branch off to try out a crazy new feature, without messing up the main branch. If and when you think the feature works well enough, you can merge the feature branch back to the main branch. If the feature branch doesn’t work out, you can just abandon or delete that branch, and switch back to the main branch.

Jeff :slight_smile:

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We also provide a “history” view for the current branch that allows you to restore any commit, kind of like a unlimited undo for all commits.

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That sounds cool

I never knew this stuff, even though I am a “Master Coder”, thanks

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