What is your favorite extension?

My favorite is the timer extension!

mine is the Blockmenu extension! :black_square_button:

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I use timers, sprite util, stats, color fading, and arcade-custom-menu in almost all of my projects and it’s hard to say one is my favorite, but it’s probably either timers, or color fading.


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I don’t know. But honestly I feel the Sprite Sight extension is pretty neat. The Timer and Status Bar extensions are pretty nice as well.

TextSprites i guess

Colour Fading is my favourite!

Kittenbot SDWireless extension ; communicate with other Arcade hardware or with Microbit: Video with code and extensions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lVz1rROj6I&list=UUYvU-GOQCX97aDu3o4bxl_Q&index=30

I like color fading or story

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My second one: 3D extension!


I didn’t know that there was a 3-D Extension.

Yeah, I saw a few games in which used 3D Render. I don’t really know how to find it though. :thinking:

Me too!

go down when you choose the extension then choose raycasting

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I haven’t done much with raycasting my favorite right now is the zoooom one @Kiwiphoenix364 made


Lantern Extension

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My Favorite Would Be The Story Extension!

tilemap path finding
its soo useful

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