What is youre favorite ____ without telling it

The Underline willl be “Game Genre”

I like games that can do with a stopwatch or with magic

i like games where they force you to go back so you can find a new tool to progress

Does that include games that dangle things right under your nose near the beginning that aren’t necessary for progress but are really cool, and require an tool that you won’t get for the next 7 hours, but when you do, you immediately stop the main story to go back and get the thing?

Ye anything you want

yes precisely!

wait i dont remember creating this topic…


oop well new questions what game do you like

The legend of Zelda series, minecraft dungeons (superior to Minecraft), uhhh I think that’s it. I can’t think of any other

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no Minecraft Story Mode is much more better than Minecraft Dungeon.


I think not

Are you including the spinoff LoZ games or just the main series? What do you think about other procedurally generated dungeon crawlers, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Nethack? Or is the only draw to MC Dungeons the beat-em-up gameplay like the TMNT games of old?
MC story mode wasn’t a game it was just an interactive tv show…

I play a ton of minecraft, sims 4, raft, minecraft dungeons, and stardew valley!

the main series. It’s just minecraft dungeons



YES. very very YESSSSS!

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New question what is youre favorite game without telling it

All of the metroid prime games EXCEPT Prime Federation Force.

What do you mean without telling it? also we already did this lol

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No thats Game Genre now its Games