What should I get?

Hey guys, @Primal_Nexus here with a question for all of you. As @UnsignedArduino told me in the ‘Lore/Story for the Biggest Game’ topic, I would need a high-level piece of hardware to run the biggest game since it uses @kwx’s Space Rocks 3D (amazing if you ask me) simulator for part of the game.

So, my question is…

What type of Raspberry Pi should I get? I’ve seen all of the models and the Pi 400 catches my eye, but I want feedback from all of you (@everyone) since I want to be using a nice one.

Any answers would be appreciated! (btw I’m not desperate for hardware YET).

Supposedly pi4 is the strongest.

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Get the Pi 400. Least fuss. I think they sell an 8GB RAM version too…

Yeah @Agent_14 that one looks good too

the raspberry pi zero is meant for arcade but is very hard to set up.

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It is but it is unfinished because you do not have access to everything, again it may be worth it to have one because they will soon update. Also I would start with a raspberry pi 0 because it is a good introduction to making your own computer.

@UnsignedArduino the Pi 400 costs (here in the UK) around £400 and the 8GB of RAM your talking about is for the Pi 4

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