Any suggestions for Arcade hardware?

What are some suggestions for hardware to load Arcade games on? Is there any major differences between them?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :+1:.


I use a PyGamer by Adafruit and it performs like a champ for me, but other options should be fine too probably.


I’ve heard some good things about Adafruit products. Thanks for the feedback!

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I also have a pie gamer sad it can only have small games unlike any of my mega games


@Unique , there are many major differences among the various Arcade hardware. On YouTube, Stu Lowe has done a half-hour comparison . I have found various Arcade game consoles have different processors which are more or less powerful so some can run more complex games than others (but none can run the most complex games which work on your computer). We have a few hundred videos on YouTube under MakeCode and Hardware and MakeCode and Arcade showing the use of Meowbit with edge connector as a controller for robotics and communication with SD Wireless chip and other hardware. GHI Arcade Brainpads have pin options for more complex use. Pygamer, as mentioned is quite powerful also. Our newest favorite because it has a Jacdac pad port is Kittenbot’s Newbit which works with a Microbit V2 for gaming in Arcade (experimental) and Kittenbot’s Jacdac Kit.

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Thanks for the info, I have some relatively large games that I would love to get working on some hardware. So it’s good to know what are my best options.

Probably the most customizable and most powerful platform that currently is supported is the Raspberry Pi 3A+, followed by the Raspberry Pi Zero. (The Zero 2 is not yet supported.)

Raspberry Pi devices, though, are pretty much impossible to find right now. If you happen to have one lying about, though, they’re great devices for MakeCode Arcade.


Prices of Raspberry Pi, specially Zero are now crazy, and there is lots of professionals companies (like 3d printer makers) that are buying everything that is produced. On other hand most of them is switching to CM4 boards and I hope in couple weeks we could see again Pi Zero for 10-15$ and if we combine this with GamePi20 we could get very cheap gaming/developing platform ( cheaper than most current Arcade devices) with bigger screen, resolution and cpu power.
I hope Arcade devs will follow that path and upgrade Arcade to bigger resolution and more colors :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: