Advice on ordering hardware for Arcade in Spring 2020

Hi there,

Looking to get some hardware to update the cabinets I have - photos here of the last Make Code Arcade Games showcase at our University

Boards: It seems the Pi Zero is out of stock just about everywhere. But I’ve got a budget for Pi 4’s.
But will the software work in the same way? anything else I need to know about?

Screens Has anyone tips on what screens offer either good value, or ease of use for this kind of DIY cabinet projects?

Cables: I have a good source for arcade buttons, but spade connector leads by themselves I am finding hard to find. I may end up buying a zero delay arcade kit - and using the leads from that but it seems wasteful

Any indeed other tips are welcome.

sorry just remembered about the adafruit solutions too.
Any pros or cons between the Pi4’s and the Adafruit ones?

If you are trying to connect the arcade to an HDMI screen (like for a cabinet), you’ll need a raspberry pi. The Adafruit boards are for handhelds.

I believe we only support the Raspberry Pi zero (@mmoskal correct me if I’m wrong)

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We support the Zero and 3A. The Pi4 might work but probably requires some configuration work on image… On a Pi4, you could also probably run the game in Chrome and plug the zero delay controller to the pi.

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It could in principle work with Pi4, because the USB-C port can be enabled as USB device (as opposed to USB host). However, I’m not sure how would you connect it to a computer, since the computer won’t be able to provide enough power I think.

Also, this is not supported in our current images. Pi3A+ should be in principle easier to find, since retailers don’t lose money on them, unlike on Pi0.

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I’ll test this on a pi4 as soon as I can. My Uni is shut down now and I don’t think I have a zero delay board at home. But yes this could be a good solution with up to date hardware. I may be able to get my hands on pi3a as well.

Raspberry pi 4 works