When BLE MIDI is used with Gestures causes Out Of Memory

When I use Bluetooth-MIDI with Gesture.ThreeG and Gesture.SixG it seems the device is easy to throw 020 (out of memory) after a few impacts. This feels like something wrong in how memory is cleared perhaps?

Memory is very tight on the micro:bit with the Bluetooth stack running

It feels like this got worse, as this used to work. I can’t quantify as I didn’t keep record before of course, but are recent changes possibly causing this to occur (regressions)?

If you want to go back and try/compare a previous release you can specify the version in the url to get that: https://makecode.microbit.org/v2.0.5

I’m not sure if there are release/deployment notes that specify exactly when releases go to beta and production…

I’ll have a look. have been focussing on other stuff these days due to the situation in China.