Who want to collab with me?

i want this to be like a rpg game and when you walk in grass you will battle a monster


hi! Can i help make it?

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sure @TreeBurgerPOV

yea ill help bro

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I’m open to stuff right now I can help

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I’ll help

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@softalker i added in a movement script so you can freely move around and a couple of npcs

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First can you add “and bred” to the title screen

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Sure that’s a good idea

alright @SoftTalker I put a movement script and attack script for the character here, and the player can select different attacks by hitting menu

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whatabout when you battle the boss it will go big? AND ADD SOME EASTER EGGS


No problem

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now you can save and load when he menu is open you cant move but when its closed you can move this took me 30 minutes to think how and a was so dumb last time i knew how to do Thanks for the help again

What is the main storyline for this game?

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Magic and betrayal is the main storyline an to deafeat the boss you need magic monsters

i created a boss


i did it

wow cool is there a link?
i may will be working on that thing

aight ill work on it a bit more to make less bugs and glitches in movement of boss