Windows Collab

You can move the Screensaver icon with B and click it with A

+++++++++++++++++++++Change Log++++++++++++++++++++++
Added Screensaver Icon
Added Smile Screensaver

Here are some apps that will be DEFINITELY 100% will be in Windows NaN (bold text means already included)

File Explorer
Task Manager
Run (Basically lets you input a command)
This PC
Command Prompt (basically windows NaN acessing MAKECODE-DOS)

and below are some (might be in here) apps you can vote for!

Vote for some apps for Windows NaN
  • iTunes
  • Control Panel
  • Settings
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Paint
  • Paint 3D
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Teams
  • Office
  • OneDrive
  • Wikipedia
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • VirtualBox
  • Mail
  • Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Makecode Arcade

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Windows Explorer will only be included in Windows 95 on

Voting for the Windows Version will end in 1 week.
Voting for any apps will end in 10 days
(as of typing this Windows 10 has a strong lead followed by Windows 11, Windows 1.0, and Windows 7.)


You guys can help make a new version of makecode dos (well those who voted) since the other versions don’t support Windows NaN for some reason, there is a bug and I can’t seem to fix it :confused:

Added Run, even added an error which is similar to the real thing

Hey, It’s not an exact copy, but it’s a start!

Very cool

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introducing… Windows Explorer!

Windows 10 :slight_smile:

A clock added in Windows NaN!

Added Boot Animation, Startup Sound, and Show Desktop Button

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Hey, I’ve been making something simlar for the past few weeks!

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That’s sooo cooooooool!

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tysm, I actually started building this from the Windows 7 project I abandoned
anyways, now that my skills are much better maybe I can finally finish it under a new name (will be revealed soon)

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Is it WindOS?

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Maybe :wink:

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There’s a twist!
Since there’s going to be some cramped space within Windows 10, I decided that there can be another Dev team working on Windows 11! The 2nd Place Winner in The OS Vote. You can choose whether or not to work on Windows 10 or 11 in the Poll below.

I want to help develop a version of
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

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I got that name from an earlier post of mine which happens to be this one. :smiley:

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Great news! @richard was able to save my entire WindOS project! Here’s how it’s going for now, I will soon start working on the desktop!

[----- OLD VERSION (Windows 7) -----]


[----- NEW VERSION (WindOS) -----]

download (1)

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Nice! Yea- @richard kind of posted the link when he fixed that bug… But that’s fine. Also- some wallpapers are going to be sent soon (that I made)

Here’s the link to them :
(I had another post ready but I could edit this one)

Guys windows 95 is the best there is a screen saver maze!!! :smiley: