Windows 7 in Makecode!

One day, I was bored, so I checked out the forum. And there I saw some pretty cool games, but two in particular caught my eye. They were Windows Vista and Windows 10 recreations in Makecode. Here they are: Windows 10, Windows Vista Windows Vista 1.8.1)
So i decided to take on a challenge of making a Windows recreation myself! My Windows of choice is, the legendary, the one and only Windows 7. I’m still working on it, but the alpha release (more on that in a moment) is gonna have a lot of features such as modifiable settings (password changing, wallpaper customization, mouse sensitivity changing), a working text editor and file saving, a music player and much more!

The project is still in development, but will be available in early access (alpha) by the 30th of January. To apply as a tester (y’know, like finding bugs and suggesting features and stuff), just leave a comment.
Anyways, here’s an early preview:

Have a nice day!


Hey, I have Update 2.2.1 for you! Try it! Windows Vista X Megaphone(v2.2.1) (


when will it come out?

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wow this is old


It was posted this year, It’s not that old (at least I think it’s not)

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Hey everyone, it’s kinda crazy that this project gained some traction now, however, i quit this project back in April. I will be reusing some of it’s foundation for a new project of a simlar magnitude, sorry if this is kinda dissapointing.

yep. this is old.

I could see you have quitted this project… but if you still have the unfinished code, I’d be really glad to see it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: