Windows Vista 1.8.1

Type 1214 to start the Windows Vista experience!


This is cool!

Oh I love this, awesome work! I listened to all the songs and successfully boosted the speed of my OS. If you’re planning on adding more features, I’d love a “Settings” button where I can pick my desktop background or set the screensaver. :smiley: Great game!


This is so cool! I have a suggestion: make a start menu and put the shutdown button there. That would be nicer than having it on the side. But all in all this is very cool, can’t wait for the next version!

Hi, I’m currently working on version 2.0, so keep your eye on the next one!

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If anyone uses the Vista 2.0.8 (Codenamed Taskmaster), then please type 662482.

What do you mean?

662482 is the new password.