Workshop at Moz Fest and Tutorial Help Needed

Hi there.

I’m doing a workshop on MakeCode Arcade at Moz Fest this month. Please help me spread the word!

As part of it I’d like to direct them to these resources as well at the ones on the front page -

The tutorials I made some time ago seem temperamental on firefox (saying check valid or internet connection) - is this a known problem - should I just recommend chrome or is it fixable?

The last thing I did was a release using the help here.

Here are the links - I actually can’t get the second one to work in Chrome now either.

Hi I realise this is extremely difficult to work out what the problem might be.
So I’ve tried to go around it.
First - tried a new release and that failed.
I Previewed part two in the make code editor - the starting template didn’t look right.

I merged part 2 into part 1 - and removed the starting template code.
Deleted the part 2 file,

I was then able to create a new release with no error.

The new URL works well in chrome ad firefox for me.

So I suspect something about the processing of that starting template was to blame? but it’s just a guess.