Z Depth help

So I was making a card game called skipbo! And when you take of a card from the stack it all works with the depth but when you take one from the 5 cards on the bottom they slide under the current stack.
Take the one from the stack and drag it in one of the fields. Repeat with the number 2 (First refresh so you have a 3 in your 5 cards!) Then when you drag this one on the stack it slides under… (Hold A while on the card)

Thank you!

we actually did this same sort of thing in the last livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNP_VQjjUEU

I was thinking about it and we can actually do it nicely without a variable – what you should do is set the cursor z to 10 or so to start, then in the ‘on a button pressed’ event when you pick up the card you should:

  • set select card z to cursor z
  • change cursor z by 1

(in that order)

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Hi there! Quick update! The thing is fixed! Here is the new version! Press Menu to restock your cards!

I will continue this game in another topic (SkipBo) (will be uploaded tomorrow probably)