Zombie Queen

Defeat the Zombie Queen and reclaim the Kindom!


Have Fun!!!



That was really hard but I got 3600 points!!

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all the monsters were upon me and i got the sword and got 5400 points! then I spent them all at the hospital and it caught on fire

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what is that extension?

I love the part where the zombie queen uses magic to make the dud disappear

Did you defeat the Medusas? She will give you the key to get into the Castle!
Hospital catches fire after 3 visits…

That is a good score. Defeating the Queen will send you past that.
Thanks for trying it!!!

Thanks for trying the game. Not sure what you mean by extension? Its just a counter after three visits it burns down.

the adventure extension

and I did not know you can defeat the medusas they don’t disapear!

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oh wait yes they do here

Yay. Well done! If you grab the fire the game is really easy. With rocks or the sword it takes a while to kill them fortunately they only harass you. I was thinking of making the final lava deadly. What do you think?

cool @japy71! I like the sword is better than the fire because with the fire you have to wait to shoot

my score is 5400

A rock got in the door

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All fixed, no more rocks in the way. Also, now the lava is deadly :smiling_imp:
Thanks @purna079
Yes, the sword is inspired by Minecraft!!

Ohhhh, the sword was inspires by minecraft… Creeper?Aw man

Thank you