3d editor

I’m not trying to ask like a 8 bit like the community is doing but more of a 32 bit one that is also like Unity or Unreal engine but worse.


It sounds too powerful for makecode, also i think you meant to put this in #share-your-arcade-projects-here ?

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It is a suggestion for a DIFFERANT mode.


What? What’s wrong with using, let’s say Unity for example if you wanted a 3d game engine/editor? Also, what do you mean by


Like Star fox on the SNES

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Like @randomuser said, it’s probably too powerful for Makecode to handle, even if it was another Makecode “mode” like Microbit

like different from micro bit, and makecode.

Improved StarFox game - Arcade / Show & Tell - Microsoft MakeCode

Starfox. There you go