3d run game

I’m trying to make a 3d game but cannot do it because you can’t rotate like in scratch. also, can @UnsignedArduino help with music?

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Hi, @SizzleStick, welcome to the forum. It can be hard to make 3d. I did a sort of workaround in my project (Runaway 2d), a remake of the flash game, Run., but Runaway 2d is by far NOT THE MOST EFFICIENT, because back then I didn’t know as much about Makecode and I used sprites and had to do calculations beforehand, causing some graphical glitches (and sprite scaling didn’t exist back then). I hope you can figure out your game! Makecode blocks aren’t the fastest method of rendering, so I don’t think raycasting per pixel would be fast at all and would probably require some workarounds, but I hope you can get your game to work. If you use my Runaway 2d (the actual code in it, not the inspiration from it), please credit me.

Thanks @Kiwiphoenix364 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, no problem!

(Oh, also, I didn’t see your other post hi glad you’re back)