4096 - 2048 spinoff

A spin-off on 2048!

GitHub repo:


up, down, left, and right move the tiles.
B pauses the game. Move to unpause.
Hold B and press reset to get a prompt to reset high score.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:



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Another must have game from you, thanks!

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I got errors when i tried to download to my RPi

Property 'createBuffer' does not exist on type 'typeof pins'

Hi Richard! May I create PR that replacing pins.createBuffer to buffer.createBuffer, for your arcade-shader ext, for pins of RPi have not this function.
As far as I investigated, they all result in:

return mkBuffer(NULL, size)

@AqeeAqee of course! Please feel free! I think it should be control.createBuffer though, not buffer.createBuffer.

Thanks, and thanks for your correction!
The function under Buffer namespace should be Buffer.create(), which is shimed to control.createBuffer() also.

Damn this is good! I got 5427 as a score!

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