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A micro:bit watch with an actual RTC; WIP, DS3231 extension

It is a work in progress, but I am working on a Micro:bit Watch. It will be reading the time from a I2C RTC timer IC and show it is a custom way on the display (non-scrolling text). Allowing for setting the time, either remotely using serial or bluetooth or when on startup holding the A+B button maybe.

But to get the time I needed an extension for the DS3231 and so far I only found something for micropython and mbed, so I started my own and had a quick test: and it works.

keep an eye out for a full release soon.

Note: pins on the backside aren’t connected. Still needed to add this to the documentation. Started this as a gift for the holiday but due to the situation here in China I was unable to source everything, especially motivation!

Example project:

Shows time (HH:mm) when A is pressed, and with seconds (HH:mm:ss, ss, ss) when B is pressed.


OnInterval, drawText with rtc.getTimeString

Using a nanobit with an oled display and the ds3231 module

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