A remake of 15-puzzle

Thanks to @ractive 's great game 15-puzzle !
My little daughter loved it at first try, and playing with it recently. So, I rewrite it to make it flexable with various dimensions, smaller board for her, and bigger board for my elder daughter.

And then, I feel bigger boards a bit too easy, except the increased count of movings. So I add walls between them, which surprised me, it becomes much harder than I thought. Interesting.

Share with you who love it too.
@ractive hasn’t shown up for a long time, so open a new post here
BTW, we also love his Air Combat - a classic shooter, I remade it too, added many features, and will share it too in near future.



Great remake! If your younger daughter can solve the smaller boards, then she is smarter than me :sweat_smile:
Since I can’t solve any size lmao. This is a great implementation, I like how you put a spin on it by adding those walls, it really does make it harder!

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  • Cover change to GUI
  • Auto save dimension and wall settings, and load at restart
  • High scores for each dimension boards (w/wo walls)
  • fixed crash on RPi
  • fixed, tiles color rule

Check the URL in first post pls, it is a updatable share link, and should always be latest version.


Don’t worry, she refused play any board with walls after tried once. :joy: