Air Combat - a classic shooter

Air Combat:
Collect powerups, bombs and hearts to make it through the final battle against enemies in the air, on ground and on the sea.

It’s also available on

How to play:
Press and hold button B to shoot and drop bombs with A (if you collected any).
Collect the green powerups to upgrade your weapon and to get points.
The hearts will give you more lifes (max. 5). If you got shot or collide with an enemy, first the weapon upgrades are destroyed before you loose a life.

The code can be found on github:
Contributions are welcome. Some nicer artwork, some better tuned levels and more types of enemies would always be nice.


Very nice! I was a bit thrown out that A did not shoot. Would it make sense to swap A/B?

Looks like pi0 build is having issue. We’ll have to look into this.

What is there not to love about this? Total Classic!

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I have choosen B to shoot because it’s much more convenient on the PyGamer.

This is AMAZING! I love the sprites, the gameplay, the changing levels/enemies… great stuff! All of the environments and enemies look fantastic.

The shmup genre is very near and dear to my heart, so glad to see such a great example!

The missiles completely destroyed me

Very cool Game!
Unfortunately it doesn’t run on my Meowbit. :frowning:
I noticed a lot of games posted here don’t run on Meowbit (it seems to be weaker than other boards) so maybe it would be smart to have tags for verified / tested hardware.

If it was too easy for you, there’s now also a “hardcore” mode… :fearful:

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2 player mode?

Hmmm. That would be great. Let me think about it. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even realize that’s so easy to add more players.
Check it out and tell me if the two player mode is usable.

BTW: Does anyone know if you can detect at runtime if the game runs on a platform that supports multiple players? Are there even platform besides the browser that support this?

Right now it’s browser only. There is a way to check, but I don’t remember off the top of my head… @jwunderl?

Raspberry Pi 0 does support multiplayer too, not just browser. If we’re just checking browser & pi vs other devices, easiest is just checking against ram - e.g. here is where we limit the number of particle effects:

so something like

const MULTIPLAYER_ENABLED = control.ramSize() > 1024 * 400;

The pyGamer supports it if you connect two pyGamer together with the special USB cable Adafruit sells. :slight_smile:

@peli we’re talking about the non-jacdac multiplayer

I’ll give it at try! :+1:

It works as expected, thanks. You aren’t asked on the pyGamer now if you want to have multiplayer mode! :+1:


We need something better :slight_smile:

Very nice! I am happy to see this game made on MakeCode. I was a huge fan of this genre in the arcade.