All is Red Part 7

My conscious is draining…
Holding more…
You drop all when screaming…
My brain is sore…
From all this coding…
Find the Door…
My info is dwindling…

help… you can… I hope…


I just looked at the topic and came up with a poem.

Red Is All
All Is Red.
Look Me In the eyes,
You Will see Dread.

I’m Over Here,
I’m Over There,
Scarlets contain so much terror,
That No Human Can Bare.

You’re withering away.
Your Body is sore.
Your Insides are Screaming.
You Must Find The Door.

(As I Said. It just popped in my head.)

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I like that one
But did you get the game done?

I’m glad
You know there name
I’m mad
They have no bane
I’m sad
Because no one does the same

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Very interesting. It fits the scary and unsettling mysterious theme of the games