Red-Man Beta

this is a game made with @AqeeAqee 's raycasting extension
I saw this and thought that first-person Pacman would be cool
is saw how scary fp Pacman was and extended the spookiness and suspense
I now present to you
run from the 4 entities as you collect all 50 orbs
con you do it?


it’s actually scary though. I love these new games!

Gosh darn, you brought scary to a whole new level!!! I literally turn the corner and get jump-scared!

I like yours too
fps dungeon crawler is awesome

yeah they hide at corners if you take to long

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Wow! This is actually a scary game!

This is really cool great job it actually gave me a scare.

thank I’m glad that there have not been any negative thoughts on my game yet

Wow, I just got jumpscared! Keep up the good (and spooky, but not too spooky) work!

What I cant see the ghosts

I got scared my neibors woked bc of my scream lol

Very fun! I enjoyed the game!

Fun Game! I Litteraly Got JUMP SCARED When I Got Hit Cause My Volume was at Max For My Computer And The Console!

I just got jump scared this is amazing!!!

I really didn’t want to get jumpscared, so I just exited the game…
(Yeah I’m a total wuss)

I can’t believe this game is still being tried. I feel I want to make it… I guess the best word is… More…


@Codeboy-Advanced Please make a Red-Man 2!


Its already in development.

It’s called All is Red

It has lore

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Art for the sequel


Nice plans!