Projects Missing from Home

I have a few students that whenever they go back to MakeCode Arcade all of their projects are missing. We have tried saving and not saving. We have looked everywhere. This is the case using Chrome, Safari and FF. They are using the same computer. The bad part is that they are about to start a semester long project with a lot of iteration, so it’s important that they can access their work.

This happens to me all the time. This just has to do with you browser. If it keeps deleting temporary files and cookies, this will keep happening. Meanwhile, keep a JavaScript copy in a google doc or word. Maybe also try saving. This problem resolved itself for me. If they use chrome books, they need to use an account, not as a guest.

What kind of computer(s) are they using? Windows, Mac, Chromebook, …?

They are using the same computer

Does this mean they are sharing one computer or that they each have a computer they are consistently using? Are the computers managed by a school? Sometimes school technology policies will periodically erase local browser data.

This is the case using Chrome, Safari and FF

Did they create separate projects in each browser and loose them, or did they search for their projects by visiting each browser? Currently projects are never shared across browsers.

The most stable way to preserve a project is to either: generate private share links by clicking “Share” → “Publish Project” and record the link somewhere, or click the “save” button which downloads the project in a .png format what can be re-imported into MakeCode.

Projects only stored in the browser can be erased if incognito windows are used or sometimes if the computer is low on disk space it will “clean up” storage used by the browser and thus erasing projects.


All are using Mac and they tend to all use Chrome though very few do use Safari. They create in only the one browser…mostly Chrome. They are managed by the school, but this is happening to only a handful of students. I will follow your best practices.

I will look in to the low disk space because some do have this issue.