[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Valentines Day Update

Hey folks!

This Monday, we released a new update for MakeCode Arcade! Check out the full details over at the MakeCode blog:

Here are some highlights:

  • New sprite scaling blocks! Stretch your sprites in both the X and Y directions!
  • New tilemap blocks! We brought a bunch of the blocks from the tilemaps extension into the scene category
  • New “destroy all sprites of kind” block! Finally, you no longer have to loop over all of the sprites in your game to destroy them
  • Stretch images using the Marquee tool! The Marquee tool in the image editor now also lets you resize sprites! Try dragging the corners of the selected area
  • Workspace search for blocks programs! Use ctrl+f or cmd+f to search through your code in the blocks workspace. It’s a lifesaver for big projects!
  • New keyboard shortcuts in the Image and Tilemap editors!
Shortcut Description
c Select Circle tool
l Select Line tool
shift + r Replace all instances of selected background color/tile with selected foreground color/tile
shift + 1-9 or shift + a-f Outline the current image with the color in the palette corresponding to the selected number. For example, shift + f will outline with color number 15 (black). This only works in the Image editor

These scaling blocks are really cool, came at just the right time! The shortcuts are really nice too


I love these new blocks and additions! These are a lifesaver!
I don’t have to keep collapsing and uncollapsing my code in order to find a single block and whenever I draw something and it’s not properly proportioned I can resize it!

Thanks for the amazing update guys!