Cheapest handheld; supports Makecode Arcade?

I really like this. No seriously, I feel like it’s good hardware for a small game dev. But something I want is which hardware to successfully run it on, maybe handheld. AdaFruit and Meowbits a good idea, but it’s not really cheap… Anyone have ideas?

The least expensive device that I know which is specifically for MakeCode Arcade is the Adafruit PyBadge LC:

Even less expensive is the original Raspberry Pi Zero, which also can be configured to run MakeCode Arcade cartridges. The firmware does not yet work on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2. All Raspberry Pi devices are extremely difficult to find, though, and will be for some time yet.

Equally fun, although perhaps not as portable, is connecting compatible USB joypads to your computer and playing your MakeCode Arcade creations that way.

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