Arcade boards (new boards, DIY, accessories etc.)

I’ll start with Xtron Pro which seems like a first next-gen Arcade board.
At this moment it’s available through a Kickstarter campaign, which is active 3 more days. Beside usual board features it has WiFi (ESP32), text to speech and speech recognition, multiple game storage, NES emulator, detachable screen which can be used as a smartwatch etc.

We’re already having a lot of fun with Kittenbot’s Meowbit where we’re reusing hardware for micro:bit but Xtron Pro sparkled a lot of new ideas like changing game environment based on time of day or weather, saving game result or progress online, screen rotating as game mechanic etc.

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Another thing I’m looking forward to is an Arcade shield for micro:bit V2:


That’s so cool! The really nice tech even though I know nothing about that stuff. I know nothing of hardware. I want one of those now. I’m going to ask that for my b-day. The mechanic stuff and all that in the video looks super cool too

Yeah, the xtron pro looks cool! I backed for one one of the kits. Few things to note for anyone who is looking at this

  • depending on your browser settings, it might default to showing rates in CAD instead of USD
  • just a general reminder that kickstarter is not strictly speaking a store, but a platform for supporting new things (Their docs on the matter are pretty good). I dont mean that to dissuade anyone, just to make sure anyone looking at it is aware that there may be delays / changes / etc.

Just went through the info on the Xtron Pro, and mad props to Dr. Ball, @shakao, @richard, @darzu, and the rest of the MakeCode team on presenting at and getting published by the ACM! That’s awesome!