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Some one can help me. Every tiime i posted a something should i wait for a moderator. Why?


Its an update. But don´t worry. Just read this and you´ll know everything

This is not because you did something wrong. There have been a lot of new people joining the forum. So to keep out restricted content, all messages will be moderated. After some time, these messages will be allowed

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And that needs to be approved( as well as this one)

Oh. That is the new safety measures because of the topic: Game Idea_Potato Farmer
Here, The link @richard provided(Not Available but still, *
Discussion about meeting on external services is prohibited

That’s how it works.

This protocol is because of my game idea? Well now i’m just sad. ;-;

@FlintAsher this safety measure is not because of any person or topic! We’re just making sure everyone stays safe.

k cool beans. I felt kind of bad because i thought i happened because of my topic.

Thanks everyone for help