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@richard, as the creator of the exceedingly useful settings extension, will there be settings that save images, true/false, variables, and even tilemaps? :smiley:

@shakao will there be a tag for competitions in makecode and stuff like that? :confused:

Also, will there be another minecraft live-stream? :frowning:
I hope so :slight_smile:


follow up question for you! what would you like to see us do in minecraft :eyes:


Here’s a graph

Building Competition 100%


Next game jam? :smiley:


You do have java edition right? I made a mod for it! Would you mind testing it? (If you want)


You can just make two functions and represent the true and false as 1 and 0 respectively: (bool is short for boolean which is the type of variable where the values are only true and false)

Although I do wish I this was in the settings extension as well.

You mean variables of any type? (Not just limited to numbers, strings, number arrays) This would be harder to do in blocks cause you can’t pass custom types around as parameters to functions so you would have to get all the bits of data you need to replicate out of your object, then when loading it get all those data bits (which have to be numbers, strings, or number arrays themselves) and make a new object with them.

This would be painful annoying but you could do something like this: (untested)

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Could it be possible to add custom colors in arcade or new colors? :thinking:


@richard Are we ever getting text arrays in the settings extention?

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Yes there is, I found a thread here that takes care of the color pallete, but your game could break (so please save it)

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What is the next game jam theme? Same as @UnsignedArduino


For MakeCode Arcade they use Minecraft education edition which is based on bedrock edition :frowning:

Ok I like that idea

I know, but, if they have java…

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  1. Will there be any support for embedding games without the cyan emulator border thing, so it is just the screen? Like when exporting to something like itch.io.

  2. Are there any plans to add prizes to game jams?

  3. How do you add new color palettes to Richard’s image convertor (https://riknoll.github.io/pxt-arcade-asset-tool/)?

  4. Is there any way I can import an mp3 music file, and play it inside makecode?

  5. Is there any way to have a wall only cover certain sections of a tile? Like making a circular tile, and having the wall only cover the circle and leave the rest be?

  6. Is there any way to check if the player uses a certain key, synced to the beat of some music. Like the rhythm shooter / boxing game I suggested way back when.

  7. Where is the Horticulture game? Is it done? I thought it was something you would pull out every so often.


that little light thing you used in the mouse hamilton, can you put it on tiles?

There was a hamilton game? or do you mean Hamlet? If you mean hamlet, then I don’t think you can put it on tiles, unless you make a sprite for each tile and add that effect to the sprite.

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  1. Do you have to approve your own forum posts?

  2. What’s your favorite game-making platform other than makecode?


You can use the small tilemaps extension (used for 8x8 tilemaps) ( riknoll/small-tilemaps)

or you can use the smaller time maps extension. It works for 4x4, 2x2, and 1x1. I do not recommend using it for 1x1. It gets laggy. (also, I don’t really understand how to use it. I personally think the next option is better) ( 4x4 tilemap extension )

or you can use my 1x1 tilemap. Beware: I made this for a 1x1 tilemap landscape and it has what is called “auto-jump”, where you automatically climb hills with a 1x1 pixel slope. This project is made in blocks so it isn’t complicated. Here is the project:

(If you want to use my 1x1 tilemap, then you will probably want to know how it works and how to use it. Just ask if you have any questions. Otherwise, I hope this post helps!)


Create a sprite on that tile, and add the light to that sprite

  1. What’s a game / game idea you wish to create on stream but would be too time consuming of hard?

  2. What’s your favorite game genre to play, and what’s your favorite game genre to code and create?