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Background image

Hello! I need help with a background image. My format is 321 x 192 and the image wont show on the whole screen without using the “camera follow (mySprite)”. How can I make it so it shows the whole background on the screen so I dont have to move it?

Here is the image:
Main menu

nice artwork. but isn’t the maximum on one screen 160x120? It would need to be resized, right?

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While using the image convert to makecode, you can resize the image with the “custom resolution” to 161x120(for some reason the first number always has to be 1 more than the width that you want) and it should work.)

In case you don't know how to get the image code into makecode

Once you have copied the code that it creates, switch makecode into Javascript and paste the code on an empty line. After that, switch back to blocks, and the image should be somewhere as a sprite in your code. You can make a “set background to image” block and move the sprite image into the image of the “set background to image” block. The colors might look bad (because makecode only supports 16 colors). This method works for me and I’ve used it in many of my projects.

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Yeah, I checked 160x120 and it fit on the screen. I think I’m going to use 160x120. And also the artwork is from my friend that is working with me in this project. :sweat_smile:

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is there a way to get the sprites to shrink