Beta editor info

I’m thinking about trying out the /beta editor for my next project.

Are there release notes or a changelog or anything? Are there cautions about expected kinds of compatibility issues or breaking changes that may be introduced?

I tried searching these forums for relevant information… but it kind of looks like /beta has been used for over a year to refer to many different versions of the editor.

Beta is our development channel for Arcade. We try to keep things pretty stable for most of the year so we work in beta and then move things over to release once they’re finished. We don’t publish changelogs until beta goes to release.

The main thing you should watch out for is that projects that are created in beta might not work in the released version. Also, sometimes APIs we ship in beta get changed before release, but that isn’t too often…

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Some areas get improved like block collapsing, auto completion, python support and GitHub support. But sometimes bugs may also come in.
If you use /beta, don’t hesitate to report bugs!

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