Help us test Arcade for the upcoming release!

Hey everyone, as we go into December, MakeCode Arcade is approaching general availability, and we’d really appreciate your help in this process!

As you’re making games, we’d love for you to try out The /beta site has all of our newest features and updates - for example, the tilemap editor will be added soon for testing once we iron out the known bugs. If you run into any bugs, or find areas of the editor that are hard to use, please file a bug report on Github.

We’re super excited to release Arcade, and we want to make this the best possible experience for everyone!

Here are a few of some of the biggest new features already included in beta:

New Image Editor

The image editor used for drawing sprites has been updated with many new features

animation editor eg

  • change dimensions to exactly what you want
  • pan and zoom
  • Animation support with the animation extension (including onion skinning)

There are also tons of new sample images in the gallery; these are now split up into different groups depending on the type of image you are creating (the gallery for sprites has characters and objects, the gallery for backgrounds has only full screen images, and so on.)

“Create a Sprite” helper

The Create a sprite... button will guide you through the options for creating your first sprite, and add that sprite to your workspace when you are done.

Expanded GitHub Integration and OAuth

Using GitHub to store your projects has been made much easier; you can now login using OAuth, and often handle diffs within the editor (including initial support for blocks!)

Useful links:
Arcade beta website
Github issue template


It’s not related to the new UI related stuff but for beta beta I’ve put in:


That’s awesome Joey! GA is a huge milestone.

Any thoughts yet on a release cadence after MakeCode Arcade reaches GA?