I’ve heard of something called a beta version. Does anyone know what it is?

I’ve saw some posts and talking about some beta and I’ve heard different make code like Minecraft and makebits or something. I don’t know what it is but I’ve just been doing arcade.makecode.com

It’s at the same site, just with /beta at the end: arcade.makecode.com/beta

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In addition, you can see the other editors (for Minecraft Education Edition, micro:bit, and a few others) at https://makecode.com

The biggest difference I have noticed so far is that the beta arcade module has both the JavaScript and Python text editors, while the regular one only has JavaScript.

Warning: beta is for new features and might change without notice. Games you write in beta are not guaranteed to work once beta gets moved to arcade.makecode.com

I was following your camera game instructions on YouTube and I saw that it had to be using beta so I transferred every piece of code into beta mode and started there. But quick question, if you update the beta website, will it change the code in the game or stay the same

It should stay the same and most of the time there are no issues, but we can’t guarantee that projects created in beta will work forever.

The reason we were using beta on the stream was because we are currently working to fix bugs there. You can think of beta as the next version of MakeCode. Once we are done fixing bugs and adding features, we’ll move arcade.makecode.com/beta to arcade.makecode.com