Bloons TD for makecode arcade

I finally figured out how to do “first” targeting on monkeys for tower defense and decided to make a game out of it! Press A to send rounds, to place monkeys, go to the tilemap editor (there are already 2 monkeys down), there’s no way to place towers in game currently as this is in early beta. There is only one monkey (Square-shaped Quincy), but each projectile has 2 pierce. Most of the features in this game use local sprite-based variables. Currently, there are no other types of bloons besides red bloons, but on round 1, there are 100 bloons, and every round after that adds 100 bloons. The length of each round only increases by a fraction of a second each round, even though you have to pop 100 more bloons each round than the previous round.

Sorry for the wall of text.

I hope you like it and it will (hopefully if I can figure it out) get more updates.


A new version: Includes a menu (which you have to buy something to close it, but this will be fixed later) for picking the dart monkey, upgrades, money, better targeting, and 4 rounds exactly the same as BTD6

This took forever to make, and especially making a solid framerate. I coded bloons all the way to black bloons, but there are only up to blue bloons in this demo, but more coming soon!

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These are almost exactly the same as BTD6.

I lost 5+ hours of progress on this project, but I rebuilt most of the code (it took less time to do because I remembered some of it, but also it might be slightly more buggy.) There were originally going to be white and zebra bloons in this game, as well as 10 rounds (instead of 4). There was also a feature where a tower couldn’t be placed on the track in the original, but this hasn’t been recoded since I lost the code. These will come in the next update, as well as a new tower!

You can vote on which new tower will come in the next update (if the pole doesn’t get any votes, tack shooter will be added.)

  • Tack Shooter
  • Bomb Shooter
  • Monkey Buccaneer
  • Dartling Gunner
  • Wizard Monkey
  • Super Monkey
  • Engineer Monkey

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The more complicated the tower, the harder it will be to code it, and either all of the tier 2 paths won’t be added immediately or the new version with them will take longer. I will aim to add all of the paths up to tier 2, and later tier 3, and MUCH later maybe tier 4/5.

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New update! This was originally going to be a mini-update (v0.3.1), but I think I put enough work into it to make it be v0.4. I made the targeting less laggy, less glitchy (made the tower always target the right bloons, and fixed a bug where towers would stop working randomly), and overall better!

I haven’t added any towers, but I have fixed a few bugs and added some flexibility additions to the code! Also, we need some more votes, since it is now tied between dartling, super, and wizard!

I also added up to round 7, and all rounds are faithful to BTD6!

I fixed a glitch where if there were no bloons on screen while the round was still going, you could still get the end of round money.

In case it wasn’t clear, click the bottom right to get to the tower menu, then select a tower (only dart monkey). Then, place it down. Click on it to view upgrades and upgrade the tower. Press B to start rounds.

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I made the next version which includes the super monkey with 3 paths up to tier 2 each (the bottom game includes extra money since I haven’t made enough rounds to afford the super monkey (which won the vote.) I also added my new extension which I made, and it includes better targeting with less blocks.

The extension: kiwiphoenix364/pxt-tower-targeting

Paste the “link” into the top search bar in the extensions page and click the extension. There’s a tutorial for how to implement this extension in the page that I specifically made for this extension (which I can’t link to yet because it hasn’t been approved.)

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I’ve finally made it (by reworking the way attack speed works) so that the glitch where towers randomly stop shooting bloons is patched! I’ve also added the sun avatar and up to round 12.

Here’s the normal game:

And here’s the version with extra money so you can try out the super monkey:

I hope you like it and shoutouts to Ninja Kiwi and the Bloons TD series! Go play Bloons TD 6 (or 5) and Bloons TD Battles 2 (or the original) for reference (I’m basing my game on Bloons TD 6!) Have fun with my game.


will you contnitue this?

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No, this game is discontinued due to the coding being inefficient, no commenting (so I forgot what it does), a slow targeting system, and the mini menu extension being out (so the menu extension in this project is almost entirely obsolete and I don’t want to rework all the menues), I’d rather start over with a new project, which may happen in the future.