Radio compatibility between V1 and V2

Has anyone succeeded to send signal radios between two MicroBit of different version - V1 and V2?
I tried but there is something wrong because one board don’t communicate with another.

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Radio communication between v1 and v2 should work. Would you mind sharing the program or snippet that doesn’t work?

This is the code for V1:

and this is the code I am using for V2:

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If you add a “radio set group _” block with the same number to each program in the “on start”, does it then work?

By default, programs with radio communication are set to a special group based on the exact program blocks, so only identical programs can talk to each other if you don’t use “radio set group _” explicitly. This is to prevent a classroom with many different programs from interfering with each other.

Thank you

“radio set group _” solved the problem

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