Suggestion on creating a classroom activity

We will be using github to create some lessons and have the students access it. We have been testing with some mock repos and the results were mixed.
It seems you can display some kind of info from the github pages directly on makecode, but it’s not clear how or if it is browser dependant. Our results have shown seen a browser under the microbit, showing an aditional tab on the right side that shows github pages or none of the above. Is this behaviour consistent?
Also, we would love to create different activities for each student in classroom but group them on the main activity repository. Is the best strategy to create github dependences? Can we use this seamlessly from makecode?
Thank you for your answers.

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We have which ideally should have the right answers for these – in particular, for loading multiple tutorials from the same repo we have , but note that you must have a pxt.json file listing the files available to be read in order for that tutorial to work properly.

This can be made easier using the github integration to author the content in editor like .

I’ll pull in @KIKIvsIT here as I feel like you’d be interested in hearing the pain points in this process as well, and @kbm15 if you run into any trouble or the documention is lacking feel free to tag me in a comment here to make sure I can follow up.

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It was absolutely what I needed. It feels wrong to use the name “extension” when it is something altering the workspace rather than the standard “library” used on programming.
That was messing with my head but now I see it clear.
I was wondering, can you or any community member point out any repository where this is done? I would love an example when working with more painful points as you call them.

I wouldn’t suggest changing names but I might submit a PR in the Getting started info so it appear clear that Extensions are not only for enhancing the programming experience but also have a cool UI aspect to it, which was what I was missing.

I will be sure to provide my own example if I get this to work.

Thank you

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Thanks for keeping me in the loop, @jwunderl. Also, @kbm15, I feel like you might be talking about using extra documentation pages that slide out of the side (something like you see in this tutorial when you click the link in the instructions?)

Ah, here are some of our samples:

we have a tutorial sample here:

and we have a skillmap sample here:

(a skillmap is basically a set of tutorials where you can lock tutorials to be available only after others are completed & carry over code from one tutorial to another.)