CF2 config file for F4 bootloader

Hi everyone,

I’m making my own makecode arcade hardware based on the reference design provided on github (

According to the schematics, I have configured the button Menu as active on high level while the others are actives on low level. But, after compiling the bootloader from the f401 board, it turns out that even the button Menu is active on low.

It seems that we can change this behavior with the cf2 config file but I can’t find how. Can anyone tell if it is possible and how to do that ?


If you can still change it I suggest to set it to active low. Otherwise, you can use the setting from the mvd bootloader in the repo. I think it should work with arcade beta as I recently fixed it, not quite sure it made it to beta yet. It is broken in the main version of arcade, sorry.

Thanks for your reply. That is not a good news for me.

Is your idea to patch the bootloader with PIN_BTN_MENU = 0x110000 ?
According to the configkeys.h, this matches the label BTN_FLAG_ACTIVE_HIGH which seems what I am looking for. But, I don’t understand how you choose the pin in this case (I use the same pin as the reference design).

In addition to that, I’ll try to modify my PCB or make a new one.

The pin is pa0 which has number zero. If it was pb7 it would be 0x110017

I checked and the latest arcade beta should work with 0x110000

Ok, I understand. I’ll give it a try.

Thank you.

Just to let you know that it works with the beta but I can’t use the menu button anymore to wake the board up when it is in deep sleep.