Challenge for devs (feel free to participate even if you arent't)

Hey @shakao @richard @darzu @livcheerful
I have a challenge. You may decide to play in teams of two or alone. The challenge is to workaround some things without using some blocks. You must create a platformer game that includes the following criteria:

  • Create smooth gravity without using the set ay to block.
  • Use no tilemap related blocks.
  • Sprites created can’t use the image editor, they must be created with the draw blocks.
  • Do not use on overlap blocks.
  • Must have attacks, hiding and radius detection. You can’t use a distance block to do so.
    I will judge the entries, along with one other non dev person who wants to.
    Deadline is Valentines Day, 8 pm Chicago time. That day is my bday, hence the 14.

ahahaha i really like this! I’m down for challenges


I’m down. I have a great idea.


I still need one judge!


I am going to join bring a judge

can i be one? i think i am late but still

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I mean the challenge is now dead… Maybe next time.

ok had to put this because if i didnt it woudnlt let me post it lol

if that was from jan 18 so it’s obvious you’re late but it’s worth a try asking