Coding tournament (anyone can get in!) (with a twist!)

I plan to have a coding tournament which anyone can get into!
there will also be a new twist…


You will be paired with another competitor to work with for the tournament!

DISCLAIMER: this tournament will most likely run for several months, so only join if you have time.

Will you join?
  • Yes
  • No
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I also need a name for the tournament (comment if you have an idea)
If I forgot to mention anything anything, please tell me.

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Oh yeah I need one more poll.

How should teams be decided?
  • Random
  • more experienced with less experienced.
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Wow this is a great twist! Its too bad I suck at collaborations… I always get carried away in my own part and make it so unorganized it can be hard to understand what i’m even trying to do XD

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I also recommend that once you get your teammate assigned to make a separate topic for your development instead of using this one.


I’ll post a poll for wether or not to start the comp in a few days

@jnegative you voted in the second poll but not the first one, are you joining?

Yeah, I was going to, but I don’t think I’ll have the time. I want to keep working on some other projects.

Here’s a hint for the first theme: :books:


Here’s a project that will keep track of some stuff for this

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There are currently 8 people, enough for 4 rounds, I’m hoping to get at least 12 people but the tournament will still happen even if there aren’t 12.

Should we start or wait?

  • Post a last call to join now
  • wait a few more days
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How long should rounds last?
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
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I forgot to mention you in the post :point_up::point_up:


ayyy i wanna join! pls let mme in:))))

Bruh true tho

Sure! I have plenty of time

Is it too late to join?

Can i join?

@SoftTalker @InvalidProject99 @Jupiter_Dev
You can join, I still need 1 more person to have an even number of people so I can start the tournament.

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