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Coding Tourney

Hello and welcome to the 2021 Coding Tourney! The E-EnerG Game Jam is also running. Now, like another tourney made by @LCProCODER, a group of coders will compete in multiple rounds to win. However, Unlike @LCProCODER, 32 Coders will be chosen (the first 32 who sign up for it via this form,

Then after this, the 32 coders will be shuffled (randomly), and afterwards, 2 randomly chosen coders will code a game. The timeline from the point the round (you are in) is announced to the game submission due-date is 1 week.

If the due date is exceeded, then the other user wins by default- however, there will be a vote (or a poll) on which game is better (and the people not in the game jam get to vote). The one with the most votes advances. Once there are 4 left in the tourney, those 4 will compete to see who is the top 2 and bottom 2 in one single round. The bottom 2 will compete for 3rd Place, while the top 2 will compete for 1st Place.

The winning user’s games (submitted for the tourney) will be featured on E-EnerG Gamecentral for as long as they want, and they get “bragging rights” (but don’t be mean about it). Once 32 people sign up, the tourney will begin :smiley:

Reply to this post if there are any questions :slight_smile:
P.S this was posted on a Sunday :smiley:


I have a question, do we just put our username or do we have to do more because it just asked me to just put my username on the box…but i feel there’s more.


1 week is fine for me

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4 of the 32 contestants are signed up to be apart of the Coding Tourney!
@Agent_14, @ThunderDrop180, @girlwhocode, and @LCProCODER!
That’s 1/8 of the contestants in less than 1 day!
Thanks to these 4 for participating in the tourney :slight_smile:


no- this just means that you signed up for the tourney via the form. That’s all there is :slight_smile:


Just wanna know but is there any updates on the participants?

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I can’t participate this or next week, just so you know. This is my last week of school and the next I have a bunch of events.

@LCProCODER if you mean as they begin to join the tourney, there will be updates on that every 4 sign ups.

Everytime 4 competitors sign up there will be an update on who is in the tourney.

Alright :confused: but there’s a chance that it will take about a week or so for every 32 players to sign up, but if you have to participate in a round within those 2 weeks, you can forfeit and the other coder would win the round- but it’s unlikely that the other 27 players will get signed up in less than 1 - 3 weeks, so I guess that you should be fine. If they do, we still have to randomize it, and you might get placed in one of the more later rounds, so you could have more time to do those events.

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Do the games have to be really complex?


@HewwoBug no they don’t have to be really complex. They could be really simple.


Please do not leave the makecode forums username as blank- I just got a blank submission… BTW who was that?

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Do we need to make a specific type of a game?

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For each round, there will be a theme- if you mean the theme then yes- if you mean a specific game, then no.

just got a ( ) as a submission :frowning:

I want to sign up!


@kingcobralasersnakes click this link to sign up
Once you do, you will automatically be signed up, but for right now, you are classified as the 8th competitor.

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8 of the 32 contestants are signed up for the Coding Tourney!

Competitor #1 : @Agent_14!
Competitor #2 : @ThunderDrop180!
Competitor #3 : @girlwhocode!
Competitor #4 : @LCProCODER!
Competitor #5 : @XDlol!
Competitor #6 : @ursoalph!
Competitor #7 : @edubsky!
and Competitor #8 : @kingcobralasersnakes!

That’s 1/4th of the contestants! Now, we reached 1/8 1 week ago- which is great :smiley:
Thanks to @kingcobralasersnakes, @edubsky, @ursoalph, @XDlol, @LCProCODER, @girlwhocode, @ThunderDrop180, and @Agent_14 for joining the Coding Tourney!


I can’t wait to start the coding tourney!


Me too! It is going to be super exciting!