Compile C and Freertos for microbit v.2

Hello I would like to be able to compile programs in C and load them on the mircobit board but I am not giving the key. Soon I would also like to load Freertos but first to be able to load C programs somehow.

I didn’t know if they could give me a kind of improvised guide with steps.

I use windows 10.

The ideal would be an IDE similar to those used in texas instrument, which is easy to edit code, compile and load on the board.


The micro:bit is based off an nRF51822, (v2 is based on the nRF52833) so you may be able to program it with Nordic Semiconductor’s IDEs. You might be able to use the Arduino or mbed frameworks to program it.

Since most C is supported in C++, I’m focusing on C++ environments below (rather than strictly C):

The micro:bit support pages provide some details about C++ programming:

The Awesome micro:bit page has a good list of programming environments for the micro:bit: . There’s some C++ support via Mbed, PlatformIO, and Arduino. I’ve used PlatformIO in the past (Visual Studio Code + tools for C/C++ programming). The page also lists editors/IDEs with support.

Awesome micro:bit lists several RTOSs too (Zephyr, MyNewt, etc.). It doesn’t have anything for Free RTOS, but Nordic does have some info. at .