Difference between set tile map and set tilemap?

What is the difference between “set tile map” and “set tilemap”?

I understand that “set tile map” is for colour-coded tilemaps, but I don’t understand why I’d use that instead of a tilemap. The only scenarios I can think of is to be able to animate parts of the scene (e.g. the way the eggs are animated with the function create_eggs in the game Hungry Dino). Is that it?

Hi, @edubsky.

The set tile map call is, indeed, for the color-coded tile maps. There are a few instances where the color-coded tile maps are a little easier to manipulate, particularly in TypeScript. The color-coded maps also are the original implementation of tile maps. They were replaced a few months ago with the current implementation, which is much easier to work with, particularly in Blocks.


Thanks AlexK!

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