Help with Set tile colour to....with wall

I’m following a tutorial to make a maze type game but I can’t seem to find some of the blocks. Has it been updated? If so, how can I figure out how to code creating a wall?

Screen Shot 2563-10-25 at 15.30.31

Set wall on at (x, y)


Set wall on at (array of all ___ tiles)

Thanks, Ive just watched he make a jump platformer tutorial and it explains it there. Has this changed from before?

I as following some tutorial cards from a teacher who created them for his students and I wanted to try and do the same with some of my students, but things seem to have changed in makecode arcade - Is this the case?

I’m going to be asking a lot of questions as I am a newbie! Hope to get some help from this community!

or use an extension (color coding(I think))

Right, these are the color coded tilemap extension blocks. Just before the official release of arcade, we rewrote our tilemaps completely - with new blocks and a new field editor / way to create them. We moved the old blocks into that extension.

To find the extension, click ‘Advanced’ in the toolbox, and at the bottom there will be a button that says ‘Extensions’ - click that, and it will bring up a bunch of extensions. One of them will be ‘Color coded tilemaps’ - click on that and the blocks will be added to the screen category. It will look something like this (with more text, I’m on my phone so some of the text got hidden)


This is so helpful! Thank you! Im a newbie, a teacher actually introducing students in primary school to coding and I need this forum to learn myself!
Thanks, would you say the updated version is a better way to achieve walls etc. Just that the tutorial cards made by another teacher use this other method - the old blocks.

Once again, thank you for all your help!

I’d say the new version is better as the editor lets you do all the drawing in one place - it allows you to use a lot more tiles (the number of different tiles you can use increased from 16 total to 256 per tilemap), and the tilemap editor will let you draw the map in full on the screen - so they won’t have to keep track of a mapping from color to their tiles, they can just place the tiles onto the screen from the gallery or create their own.

It also makes it easier to do multiple levels, as you can just draw the tiles you need without having a bunch of blocks switching the definitions for the tiles over.

The walls are separated from the image for the tile, which is useful but is another thing to learn within the editor - you have to click on the wall button and draw them out on top of the map.

Also, could you point me to the tutorial cards possibly?

Once again, thank you so much for the help! I’ll be coming back for more!

Yes, these tutorial cards are not mine - They were created by Stu Lowe, who has made a few games for this community, he is a teacher who shares most of his work on Twitter and inspires other teachers, like me!

The link he shares to his Drive folder for MakeCode arcade is here:

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Those story boards look great and are really easy to follow.

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They are, shame that the way you create levels etc has somewhat changed now…I can see students struggling but @stulowe80, who is the creator and an amazing inspiration for us all, is working on some new make code arcade videos for teachers which if it happens will be great!

Im really enjoying making my game and can’t wait to introduce this to my students at a coding club.