Duplicate gallery tiles for editing

Hey folks, I’ve been teaching a bunch of groups of students how to make maze games by using the tile maps to design the maze itself. When I’ve shown them how to create their own tiles, I’ve had a number of students wanting to editing some of the existing gallery tiles.
I’ve tried selecting a gallery tile, switching the to the My Tiles section and clicking the duplicate button, but the button is disabled when you do that.
It’d be a really great feature if we could easily duplicate the gallery tiles to customize them, just like we’re able to select a sprite image from the gallery and customize it.

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This is actually possible to do - the tile view has the same Gallery as the image editor, except it will be full of the assets that are filtered in the tile gallery:


Thanks for reporting this issue! It feels like there’s gotta be something we should do to make this clearer – it’s not necessarily immediately obvious that the top bar is not shared with the tilemap itself, or even that ‘my assets’ changed to ‘gallery’ in the first place (or, we could consider adding a way to edit a clone of the tile from the tile gallery preview in the tilemap editor itself). @richard ^^ thoughts?


When making a custom tile, there should be an option to look at the gallery.

Just select the gallery, and you’ll be able to access all of the gallery tiles!

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i kinda want to overhaul the image/tilemap editor at some point to make it a bit nicer looking and less intimidating. I’ll add this to the list of things to consider!


OH YES! Please do! When I first came, I thought I didn’t know what I was bringing myself into…