Creating your own tilemaps not working

When I try to create my own tile map I see are the gallery and my tiles choices, I am unable to open the Sprite Editor.

But when I click to create my own tiles and try to create a tile map from the editor it does not apply it to my game. I can see on the top right black screen but not sure what I am supposed to do with it.

This feature seems to Not function in any logical sense

I am trying to create a Platformer game and it seems I am going to have to use tiles from the gallery.


Not sure I follow, from the looks of it you have a tile you created selected (the one with a few red pixels in the top left corner). Here’s a gif of how to create your own in the tilemap~

The current tiles you have created are transparent, so they won’t show up when you “draw” with them! If you select a tile (red outline) then click the “Edit” icon (square with the pencil), you will be able to color in your tiles.

When I use the gallery my platform game tiles come out perfect just like I put them in. When I try to make my own tiles as small little lines

This YouTube video is the problem I am having when trying to draw my own tiles for a platform game

Tile issues

Thanks. I posted a video of the problem I am having

I got it. You have to create the entire tile and fill all of the blocks and then use it


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