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I didn’t seem to work properly. I used the same code as NxNMatrixGL but i am only moving vey slowly. I might some conflicting blocks in my code. But i don’t know what.
Here’s mine

And here’s NxNMatrixGL

Here’s the link with the friction code

Yes there is a lot of conflicting code but I currently can’t see an issue here. Try playing around with the numbers (and when i say play around, i mean make it like 50 and stuff like that to see if the code even works)

Is there a way to use 2 functions at the same time?

hmmm, if what you mean is running a function while another is happening, I don’t think so. Code works in the way that the blocks happen step by step, so no, according to my knowledge, 2 functions cannot happen at the same time.

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OK. Thank you.

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You can do background threads: see this extension:

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